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Timepiece, 2008
Duration: 09:30

Camera: Brian Smith
Sound Mixing: Sarah Kipp

Timepiece is a visual story that depicts the evolving and existing self.  In the video, I am asking, Who are you? Where did you come from? And What will you become?  I communicate as a multi-faceted character whose face captures projected images of my own past and my family.  Beginning with a projection of my father, these images morph in and out of my face, charting my history and suggesting who I will become.  In the piece, I am conjuring those that live within me…the child, adolescent, father, mother, and grandparent within, as I contemplate human existence through birth, life, and mortality. The only sound to be heard is a repetitive recording of wind through a radio tower, with a rhythmic tapping of a tree branch, reminiscent of a metronome or the ticking of a clock.  At its essence, Timepiece reflects the cycle of life, from birth to old age and back again.