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The Looker, The Maker, The Red Ribbon Taker, 2008
Duration: 09:20

Camera: Brian Smith
Sound Mixing: Sarah Kipp

This video was originally commissioned by The Point of Contact gallery located in Syracuse, NY for the exhibition, The Golem: Visual Visitations.  It is my personal interpretation of Jorge Luis Borges’ poem, El Golem.

The Looker, The Maker, The Red Ribbon Taker is a visual narrative that questions and attempts to define the real.  In the video, I create a being in my likeness that evolves in layers of light that are painted onto her sculpted face of clay.  She is the subject, and I am the maker.  I act as her puppeteer.  But eventually, the real and the inanimate begin to switch roles, as I become the puppet and the puppet becomes me.  The red ribbon is a constant that ties together the insentient and the living.  Acting as a symbolic umbilical cord, it can sustain life, but if never broken, it will eventually inhibit what it truly means to be alive.