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The Liar

The Liar, 2010
Duration: 15:00
live performance

Performed at The Re Institute: May 16, 2010

In this piece, I split my identity into various personas: a glamorous opera singer, a vulnerable warrior, a blind grandmother, a fallen king, and a small child who collectively share tall tales based upon personal and family history that are steeped in fantasy.  A doubting voice echoes through much of the piece, until the end, when she is silenced and the truth is revealed.

Excerpt: I am ravaged and maimed.  I am almost unrecognizable. The room was cold and very large… a chrome world with metallic objects all around me.  Two giant orbs of light examined every part of me.  The man with an unsettling mix of freckles and acne watched as a large tube was placed inside of me.  They blew me up like a balloon and looked at every part of me.  I could not see what they did…all I saw was my own reflection in a shiny metallic surface…a sad creature, with a long plastic tail.
Are you sure that was you?
Yes it was me.  I am a warrior, and I have fought through many battles.  I have been captured, beaten, and shamed.  They have taken things away from me.  But I am still alive.  I escaped through the woods.