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The Man in the Window

The Man in the Window, 2008
Duration: 20:00
live performance

Performed at Rockland Center for the Arts: February 10, 2008

Many years ago, I experienced an intensely real feeling that when night fell, there was someone outside of my bedroom window watching me.  He was ‘The Man in the Window’.  In this performance, I inhabit my child self by projecting images from years past onto me, while telling the story of where this man comes from, who he really is, and what he means to me.

Excerpt: Come with me now, and follow me onto the asphalt path.  I’m walking along, with my eyes to the ground, carefully studying the cracks and rocks that surround my feet, when I come to a sudden halt.  The black puddle is once again lying before me.  But it is not just a puddle.  Its essence is that of a severed pig’s head, whose snout and sunken-in eyes look up at me from the shiny, reflective darkness of the water that frames its face like a garland of filth.  I must not step into it, or I will surely sink into the depths of hell.  The pig’s face begins to disappear and my own takes its place.  I stare into myself for a while, then leap over the puddle and run away as fast as I can.  I will continue to run up the grassy hill, until I reach my home.

The day passes quickly then, and evening falls across the land.  The time for sleep is near.  I climb the wooden stairs that lead up to my bedroom, counting as I ascend…1234543254321…thirteen steps bring me to my door.  I go to my bed, and lie beneath the covers, but I am unable to sleep.  There is someone outside, watching me…