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The Blizzard of '93

The Blizzard of '93, 2005
Duration: 15:00
live performance

Performed at ABC No Rio: July 30, 2005

In The Blizzard of ’93, I humorously describe what it was like to hit puberty through a series of stories that depict this inescapable part of life.  Throughout the piece, a screaming image of myself as a child is projected onto me, who visually changes as I move into her.  I begin by recounting the massive snowstorm that hit my hometown in 1993.  My world was insulated, quiet, and surrounded by white when it suddenly became “soaked with red”.  I describe my feelings of despair, where I felt like I had lost my child self, but in the end I discover that the girl never left.

Excerpt: I remembered myself as a six year old… I was taking a bath and lying in the tub.  I used to pretend that my whole body was an island.  My favorite rubber cow would rejoice to find its land, with my stomach being the biggest and best prize of all.  I had also made up a game where I would hold my breath under water as long as possible.  Every time I took a bath I would try to beat my previous record.  On this particular day I was determined to hold it longer than I ever had before.  I stuck my head under and counted.  When I couldn’t stand it any longer I jerked my head up fast, gasping for air and slamming the back of it directly into the faucet.  I don’t remember pain.  I only remember being terrified.  The water seemed to turn red instantly.  My body was loosing control.  It felt like I was loosing myself.  That mystery that lurks inside of us was now right here in my bathtub and I did not like it.  I cried hard.  I knocked that faucet right off the wall.  It was the first time that I had cracked my head open. I hadn’t ever remembered seeing that much blood until this night, as a fifteen year old cleaning out my pajama bottoms in the bathtub.